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yesterday i went to the mall....it was so empty, it felt like a monday i bought stuff...lol..
i got:
~>skye sweetname cd-(its really good)
~>the britney spears perfume(i think it smells so good)and it came with a shirt-
and i went to hollister and i got
~> these pants-(they remind me of the show the oc...because on the back it says california and its like the same font and the sun is there and it says HC instead of HC)
~> 2 shirts - and
and i also got another shirt and a hoodie from hollister but i cant show you because its not on the site

um..... that dougie look like maryan found out what period he has gym and that period we have french and it works out PERFECT b/c we sit by the window so usually they go outside on the track for gym and so we're looking out the window and saw him..lol...he was walking the track and then he ran it once and he runs fast and when he was running he smacked someone on the head...lol... and when they were coming up the hill it even better because hes closer to us and i turned my head for a second and he went passed <_<, maryan saw him though...its fair though b/c i saw him when he was going down and maryan was up at the board...lol... dougie died his hair brown :x i want a new aim screen name and a username for the play boards....i cant think of anything! im listening to songs and nothing....i dont really care what its about....i need help thinking of one...any suggestions? I also need suggestions for halloween coustumes b/c im going to parties and i have to dress up....
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