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[05 Oct 2004|10:44pm]

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READ PLEASE!!!!! [28 Sep 2004|04:55pm]



[27 Sep 2004|10:09pm]
[ mood | tired ]

today in school lets see, it was pretty interesting
in gym we had to walk the track 4 times in 15 minutes...my legs hurted so much
and in world history i got called down to the nurses office...i was called to the nurses office b/c a teacher as concerned that i was too thin and i wasnt eating at lunch and thought i was anorexic or had an eating disorder O_o, i was like no... the teacher was mrs.weinberg b/c shes the only teacher that was in lunch that knows my name...i am not anorexic and i do not have an eating disorder ...even the nurse said she wouldnt eat the school's food..lol.... i thought it was kind of funny
in french it was funny...of course anzour was looking at my paper and getting answers but i dont care....


[26 Sep 2004|04:54pm]
i got this from megan and alexa

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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

IM SO BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[25 Sep 2004|06:24pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

yesterday i went to the mall....it was so empty, it felt like a monday i bought stuff...lol..
i got:
~>skye sweetname cd-(its really good)
~>the britney spears perfume(i think it smells so good)and it came with a shirt-
and i went to hollister and i got
~> these pants-(they remind me of the show the oc...because on the back it says california and its like the same font and the sun is there and it says HC instead of HC)
~> 2 shirts - and
and i also got another shirt and a hoodie from hollister but i cant show you because its not on the site

um..... that dougie look like maryan found out what period he has gym and that period we have french and it works out PERFECT b/c we sit by the window so usually they go outside on the track for gym and so we're looking out the window and saw him..lol...he was walking the track and then he ran it once and he runs fast and when he was running he smacked someone on the head...lol... and when they were coming up the hill it even better because hes closer to us and i turned my head for a second and he went passed <_<, maryan saw him though...its fair though b/c i saw him when he was going down and maryan was up at the board...lol... dougie died his hair brown :x i want a new aim screen name and a username for the play boards....i cant think of anything! im listening to songs and nothing....i dont really care what its about....i need help thinking of one...any suggestions? I also need suggestions for halloween coustumes b/c im going to parties and i have to dress up....

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[22 Sep 2004|01:57pm]
[ mood | sick ]

gah! my throut it killing me!!!!!! its sore...and its been hurting me all day!!!!
i ordered, well my mo ordered from her work, chinese food and the guy should be here any minute now...and i dont think chinese will help me throut
i got out early cause its back to school night....
my mcfly stuff came yesterday, just the 3 that girl singles.... the calendar is on special order
well i gonna go....im gonna watch the smile interview with half of the i dream cast...bye!

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[20 Sep 2004|07:12pm]
[ mood | rejected ]

today lets see
~>biology -> blah...she called on me!
~>gym -> we went to the auditorium to get our pics taken b/c it was picture day and they are for the yearbook and stuff...i have to mail in the form b/c they didnt give the form to us...

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today lets see
~>biology -> blah...she called on me!
~>gym -> we went to the auditorium to get our pics taken b/c it was picture day and they are for the yearbook and stuff...i have to mail in the form b/c they didnt give the form to us...<_<
~>geometry -> also blah...its so...boring
~>crafts -> we are on a new project its cool...caitlin takes alot of the colors im gonna use...but its okay...i always find something else...;|
~>lunch -> i did my geometry homework and i talked to maryan and nicole
~>english 2 -> when i was going to this class the "dougie look a like" has a class next door...i never noticed that...lol...i was like :O...lol... but it was kind of boring and she didnt give us the chocolate kiss she promised on friday
~>us history -> its the same as always...its okay...
~>band;keyboard -> its eh...okay...im kind of bored b/c the stuff she is teaching now i know
~>french 2 -> it was the boringest day of french so far....the rest of the days were so....funny
im invited to two halloween partys and i HAVE TO dress up...what should i be? please post suggestions...i havent dressed up for the past about 2 or 3 or 4 years
remember dreamstreet and the song jennifer goodbye...and the one part went like "dont wanna be your fall back guy"? i feel like im a fall back friend O_o ...like people who say they are my friend only come to me when they have no one else to hang with... like sam(even last year) in computer class she hung with stephanie until she moved then it was me she hung with and in history last year if la-trica wasnt there then she'd hand with ashlee s. and if both werent there then it was jessica, if not jessica its me..and this year its ashlee s. then if not its lisette then its me(?)...and Jen too...kind of like in gym shes with rachel and nicole, but when they have lab then she'll hang with me..it seems its always like that...its like i dont have a friend.... O_o


[19 Sep 2004|06:20pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

im so..... hungry!!!!!
well i took off the background...and i added 2 more avatars...of frankie and hannah and aaron.....
tara didnt come over...i upgraded my aim, now its Aim 5.9... i have different smilies and a background and a sound thing....
my icon is danny and dougie...im gonna change it though....
my background is blue stars...my smilies are donuts...lol... and my sound thing is some drum thing...i hate it though...


[19 Sep 2004|03:29pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

nothing much today...tara is supposed to come over again, but i dont know if she is.....
i wanna go to the mall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i put up a background...im not sure if ill leave it up though....


[18 Sep 2004|07:27pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

tara, anthony, chris, and robert are over...
**sings**lalala...sloop upside...shake you booty now***
they are right here watching rainmaster or something like that i took some pics, ill post them when i upload them...
nothing really to say...oh my mcfly stuff i order half is shipped and half isnt so i cant wait to get it!!!!
i dont wanna go to school on monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[16 Sep 2004|06:58pm]
[ mood | weird ]

today we had a class meeting the freshmen and sophmores were in the gym...juniors were in the auditorium...and seniors were in the cafeteria...so im a sophmore and we went in the gym and sophmores were on the left and freshmen were on the right and i ssw that kid and he does look like dougie!!!!! he was on the middle bleacher at the bottom by himself...lol... and i saw him at the end of the day going to french and then after school he was with dj...
i entered the busted contest again...knowing my luck, ill enter like 20000000 times and i wont win...but whatever
uh... i think i might make this a friends only journal....what do you think?

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[14 Sep 2004|08:20pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

i love french class....its so funny!!! Keyboard classs is good...just its kind of boring because i know what shes teaching us...
im not sure if i should make this into a friends only journal...?
in french class yaya and joe make it so funny....anzour and zed are kind of funny too...but the other 2 are much funny!
my mom left a message on our answering machine saying shes talking a sick day tomorrow! she can pick me up from school!
drake looked so hot when he performed i found a way on sunday at the nick premiere thing.... Drake is awesome...his show is so..... funny...... i cant wait til his cd comes out, and its taking very long!!!!
theres this kid in school hes really hot.. and maryan pointed him out on the 1st day of school after the pep rally...i saw him... im now sure what frade his in or anything maryan said she heard hes a freshmen, but i think hes a junior...lol... i dont know... i kind of forgot ehat he looks like...maryan thinks he looks like dougie from mcfly...but i dont know...i saw him today..but just the back of him :\
in gym i had jen sa my partner and lisette was like...i dont have a partner...lol... but i knew jen last year...not that well though...so... yeah
we played softball...well just threw one...i can throw it pretty good, but i suck at catching them...lol...one even bounced on my foot...lol....
theres not much more to post so..... i guess bye!

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[12 Sep 2004|04:57pm]
[ mood | moody ]

i have school tomorrow....
im making sam her a burn busted cd... actually im making her two because the songs she picked arent my favorite...lol.. so yeah...i made a cover and everything.... im so.... bored...
i'd like to show you the cover and the song list but... i have to upload them in photobucket and thats not working right now
im hungry....


[09 Sep 2004|09:04pm]
[ mood | content ]

yesterday was my first day of school.... nothing much really just te top part of my locker doesnt lock and when i went to day it wouldnt open...so i dont know...im usung the bottom
...i was shaking like the whole day...i love my french class it is so.... funny!!!
today i got a hug from naiomi because i have that eeyore shirt that says i need a hug...lol..
i have to burn sam a cd with busted songs...just she has to tell me which ones!!!! HURRY UP SAM!!!!
i was watching the making the video with good charlotte for their new song predictable...and after the first 15 minutes they go to a commercial and then choose or lose came on and they didnt show the rest of it...and sam said it was the same when they premiered it on monday
today in gym they took our height and weight..i am almost 5'5" and i weight 93 lbs.... me and sam talked alot....because it got started when i said my dads middle name is ashley and sam gave me a weird face and im like ashley can be a guys name too and she like i know! remember o-town...i loved ashley angel ...lol...and then dream street and stevie brock...and then about the TRL time capsul and how they just did stupid stuff with busted(***ill tell ya in a few) and how we like jojos shoes and then we talked about the carnival b/c in jojos new video its at some carnival...and then we kind of talked about how stupid it is that parents think jojos clothes are "reveling"...
ok now with busteds TRL thing...they dont show busted and they premiered there video once and never played it again...but they use the part where the teacher bends down and picks up the pencil and just the words"thats what i go to school for" and its a total rip off for busted....sam agrees too...lol...

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what i go to school for [07 Sep 2004|03:13pm]
[ mood | confused ]

im not sure what to wear to school tomorrow...and here are my choices...

which one do you like...please comment!
im such a loser for posting this..lol...if i asked my mom which one she would say...i dont kow what ever one you want to wear...and im like...thats why im asking you b/c i dont know which one i want to wear...


[07 Sep 2004|01:19pm]
i go back to school tomorrow....and I DONT WANT TO!!!!!
i looked at my order status for the mcfly sruff i ordered last night and it says this:
"Some / all items have been placed on special order with our suppliers"
and that means this:
"Item on Special Order
If an item is out of stock at the time you place your order, we will request the goods from our suppliers. We keep in close contact with our suppliers and place orders with most of them on a daily basis. If your order status is 'Special Order' then you can rest assured that the utmost is being done to acquire your item, though delays may occur if the item is out of stock with the suppliers. You will not be charged until the item comes into stock and is ready to be shipped."
im not sure if i understand it, but....i think it says....one of the things or some of them are out of stock so...they are getting them... but its gonne be a longer wait?...i think
i dont know what to wear tomorrow for the 1st day of school...ill post what i might wear later...i gotta take pics then...


but you said no [06 Sep 2004|11:17pm]
i just ordered my mcfly calendar and 3 mcfly that girls singles..they are all differnt...my mom said if i want anything else i could, so i was gonna get the girls aloud cd...but it came out to 27.56 euros, and if 15 euros is $30, then she would be spending $60 on all of it, so i dont blame her for saying, no and letting me get it next time...i caint wait for it! hopefully, this time, i wont get hurt when i hear the doorbell or anything...lol..


words dont get me far; when they tell me sh..... [06 Sep 2004|05:01pm]
[ mood | bored ]

today i got stuff for school....notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, and i got a shirt from delias...its brown and blue stripes.... i got chips and gum...
I only have 3 classes with sam...thats bull!!...they set us up last year i had more then half of my classes with her and now i have 3...which is less then half!
*eats chip*
i need new cds!!!! all the ones i want come out the end of semptember and october...hurry up! and im not gonna be able ot get them all b/c one come out the week after the next or its the same day...but w/e

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[05 Sep 2004|12:04am]
[ mood | tired ]

today was the busted concert...i didnt go...lexie did thoug...i saw the pics...and they were great....i wish i went

i got my school scheduele today and this is what i got

period 1 Biology Yazidjian,E 209
period 2 Phys, Ed2 Weinberg,D GYM
period 3 Geometry Gerritsen,S 214
period 4 Mat. & Design Savastano,T A-2
period 5 Lunch CAF
period 6 English2(L1) Lindenbaum,M 115
period 7 US History 1 Ercolani,J 221
period 8 Beg.Band-KB Posnansky,N M-3
period 9 French 2 Sanchirico,D 203

what is Mat. & design?
i dont kow if anyone i know is in my classes, yet....:(


survey time [03 Sep 2004|02:09pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

((Survey...me))Collapse )

((through the years....SCHOOL))Collapse )

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